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Yes. As we have only three rooms, it’s always better to make an appointment.
Please use our automated online booking system when possible. Otherwise, email works 24/7. Phone call works at business hours. 

The automated system may not work for you by unknown reasons. Or, if the system does not satisfy your needs, you can always contact us by email (24/7), or call at business hours. We will try to improve your experience.

Some customers do not receive our emails by unknown reasons. In that case, you need to contact us to let us know.
To resolve this delivery problem, we recommend you to add ‘’ to your email address book.

No. The rate is per room, no matter how many players are in a room.

It will take about 1 hour per player to finish 18-holes course play. For example, three players will need about 3 hours.

We accept bookings up to seven (7) days in advance.
Some short times (1 hour, 1.5 hours) can be limited to same day booking only.

Yes, as long as the total number of players is within the limit. But, if you need more time, it depends on the booking situation. Please ask us for availability.

No, we rent only one room to a group.

It is a promotion for regular customers. It is like a pre-paid gift card. We offer it with a big discount and with some restrictions. Ask details on-site.

Yes, we sell one-hour pass as a gift certificate.

We used to. But not any more since COVID-19.
Please bring your own golf clubs, and you can share yours with your buddies.

No. You have to use the golf balls we provide.

No, we do not have liquor license. Outside alcohol is not allowed either.

We only have soft drinks and chips. But we don’t mind bring your own outside food as long as you clean them.

It is from Korea. Very competitive industry there makes it high-tech, so very accurate.

Yes we sell golf simulator. The same kind of simulator as our store has.
Yes we do the installation as well as the maintenance.