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Face mask is mandatory again as of August 25, 2021
Please have your Vaccine Card ready upon arrival


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Golf Rooms - All Private with A/C


Spin Sensor

  • Consists of four high-speed camera sensors
  • Measures ball speed, launch angle, landing angle, side spin, back spin and even rifle spin
  • Advanced technology makes the measurement as accurate as real
  • Achieves all kind of shots like fade, draw, lob, chip shots
  • Accurate measurement for putting makes it more realistic
  • So, it can help you to improve your game

Nature Program

  • Simulator program achieved natural course environment
  • Using physics and 3D rendering engines
  • Nature program realizes natural movement including gravity, resistance of wind and grasses, collisions and reflections
  • Even nature sounds and voice guidance are provided
  • Feels as if you are playing at a real golf course
  • Provides about 160 famous golf courses around the world
  • Extra cameras catch your swing motion to analyse your swing

Home Installation

  • We sell and install golf simulator
  • Ask us about details