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COVID-19 Updates

  • Maximum two people in a room
  • Face mask & Distance
  • Temperature screening on-site
  • No rental golf clubs – bring your own
  • Longer interval between groups to clean and sanitize

F. A. Q.

Yes. As we have only three rooms, it’s always better to make an appointment. We need some information about your group to secure your request : tee-time, number of players, left-hand or not, how long do you want to stay. Please contact us with this information handy.
Online booking works 24/7. At our business hours, you can call us. But, sometimes, we are too busy to pick up a call. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Default booking is one 18-holes play, and it will take about 1 hour per player (three players will need about 3 hours).
Otherwise, you may make a booking by hours. Please let us know it when you make a booking.

Yes. You can make a booking by hours. Please let us know when you make a booking.

No. The rate is per room, no matter how many players are in a room. After first one hour, you will be charged by the minute (pro-rated).

Two days in advance booking is usually enough. But we accept up to five days in advance. When we think it’s necessary, we will double-check with you to prevent no-shows or last minute cancellations. If we cannot reach you for double-check, your pending tee-time will be cancelled automatically. 

Yes. You can cancel or change your booking details up to 4 business hours in advance.

Let us know it as soon as possible, hopefully up to 4 business hours in advance.

You will be charged by your booking details (number of players or hours).
For example, if a three-some wants to leave only after 9 holes, they will be charged for 3 hours at the least.

Once you made a booking, we cannot give your room to other customers until you are done.
We need to know when your room is free to sell to other customers.

They will have their booking privileges suspended in the future.

Minimum age here is thirteen (13) years old.

Membership is a promotion for regular customers. It works like a prepaid gift-card. If you pay $300, you get $360 credit to save $60. You have to spend the credit within six months. You can use this to pay for your friends, but it’s not transferable to others.

Yes, we sell one-hour pass as a gift certificate.

We used to. But not any more because of the COVID-19.
Please bring your own golf clubs, and you can share yours with your buddies.

No, we do not have liquor license. Outside alcohol is not allowed either.

We only have soft drinks and chips. But we don’t mind bring your own outside food.

It is from Korea. Very competitive industry there makes it high-tech, so very accurate.

Yes we sell golf simulator. The same kind of simulator as our store has.
Yes we do the installation as well as the maintenance.