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Please Make a Reservation

As we have only three rooms, we recommend you to make a reservation.

Booking Policy

  1. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, we can only accept maximum three people in a room.
  2. We had been accepting only two days advanced booking because of high cancellation ratio of earlier bookings. But we decided to extend it to five days with a double-check routine. Fail to double-check means automatic cancellation.
  3. Default booking is 18 holes play (average one hour per player) unless otherwise agreed. If you made a booking by time (duration), that is your minimum payment and will be charge by the minute after that.
  4. You should let us know of any changes to your booking details (tee time, # of players, etc) up to four hours in advance. We need to charge you according to your booking details if there is any last minute changes.
  5. You can cancel your booking up to four hours in advance.
  6. Your timer will start at your tee time even though you are late, so please be on time.
  7. If you are late without proper notice, your booking can be cancelled and regarded as a no-show.
  8. No-show customers will have their booking privileges suspended.

All reservations are to be made by calling the following number.

Phone: 604-273-7417

You may send us an email to to make a reservation.

We have no liquor license, so we do not sell alcohol.

Due to COVID-19, we do not provide rental golf clubs.
Please follow all the guidelines from Health Authorities,
and our local guidelines (mask and distance) on-site.

COVID-19 Local Guidelines: Mask & Distance

  1. When you arrive:
    - Wear face mask and watch inside from outside.
    - When other people is inside, wait for a while at some distance until the hallway is cleared.
    - Once cleared, step inside and take temperature screening.
  2. When you play in a room:
    - We still recommend you to wear face mask.
    - When you need to go out to the hallway, wear face mask and
    - Watch the hallway if there is someone else in the hallway.
    - If someone else is there, wait for a while until the hallway is cleared.
    - Once cleared, you may go out to the hallway.
  3. When you leave:
    - Wear face mask and watch the hallway.
    - If someone else is there, wait for a while until the hallway is cleared.
    - Once cleared, you can go to the cashier to pay and leave.

For general inquiry, please send an email to

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